Healing Yoga

Healing Yoga is an unique way of working each of the seven main Chakras (energy centers) in a progressive way from the base to the crown, showing you where you need to look, work and heal.

Healing Yoga was born in communion with motherhood and a new woman.

After so many years, studying, teaching and living Yoga, Liana gave birth to her precious little Benjamin at 39 years of age, and she put all teaching on pause so she could learn... And the learning went beyond her imagination, "It was like I was living in a bubble of a quantum leap, connecting with my deepest shadows, traumas, beliefs system yet with so much love, care, surrendering myself body and soul to this new experience wanting to be my best version and serve as an example of truth and love." she says. Liana deepened her studies on Chakras System, Energy Healing, Theta Healing and so on, practicing this deep self-healing she realised she could bring it ALL into a Yoga class, that's how Healing Yoga started to manifest. She put it all together and her classes were taken to another level (so was she!) "In Healing Yoga, we work each of the Chakras (one per week) where I bring elements from all that I have learned over the years to promote a meaningful and deeper experience." Liana offers group classes, private and semi-private and also mentoring for those who want to take to a therapeutic approach, or want to deepen their Yoga philosophy.

Explore the options to work with Liana:

People often ask me: ‘what kind of yoga is it?’ and I always reply: Yoga.
But deeply inside I know I deliver something that goes beyond postures and breathing, I am a channel that guides people to self-healing. That’s why the name of my work is Healing Yoga.

In Healing Yoga, we work each of the seven main Chakras (energy centres in the body) in a progressive way from the base to the crown.
Each class we bring out the energies of that Chakra to feel what needs to be healed and transmuted.

The energy field created is powerful and continues vibrating throughout the week.

A supportive WhatsApp group is available to help with some intentions for the week to sustain the energy and healing.

Group sessions are small and classes are held in Narrabeen on Saturdays 9:30 to 11am.

We offer a complimentary tea and some time to mingle with students after class.

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Private sessions can be done in person or online for one person, two or maximum of 3 people.
These classes are tailored to help the student to reach their goals, still following the 7-week Chakra program.

For one person:
Drop in $70
7-class pass: $420

For two people:
Drop in $70
7-class pass: $280pp

For three people:
Drop in $70
7-class pass: $234pp

(classes are 75min of duration)

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It is an individual therapeutic process where we consider the seven main energy centres as a guide to show the student where they need to investigate, work on, and heal. This in an intuitive process where Liana uses some of her techniques’ portfolio including: meditation, visualization, wheel of life, theta healing, talking and writing. This is for everyone who wants to unleash their full potential, or perhaps has a particular issue that needs to be addressed.

Liana also offers private classes for those who are Yoga Instructor, or want to become one or are advanced practitioners and want to take their practice to the next level. These classes do not legitimate to teach but will boost your knowledge, confidence to teach and increase your understanding of Living Yoga off the mat.

One session: $100
8-session pack $640

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Healing Yoga Plans

Group Sessions

$ 33
  • Max 7 students
  • 4-class pack $108
  • Saturdays 9:30am
  • Narrabeen NSW

Private/Semi-Private Sessions

$ 70
  • Max 3 students
  • One Student: 7-class pack $420
  • Two Students:7-class pack $280pp
  • Three Students: 7-class pack $234pp

Mentoring Sessions

$ 100
  • Individual sessions
  • 8-session pack $640


My purpose in life is to help people awaken their life force energy and live a life full of potential. If you have any questions please send me a message and I will happily answer!