Hi, I'm Liana

I've been involved with Yoga & Meditation since 1999 and have developed a unique style connecting Yoga, healing and Chakras throughout those years. I welcome you here with an open heart.

Healing Yoga

Healing Yoga is a journey to self-discovery and healing through ancient Yoga using Chakras System as an unique way to dive deep into your inner universe.

Events & Retreats

Liana facilitates in connection with another amazing women events, retreats in Sydney and abroad. The main goal is to deliver a meaningful, deeper and more intense experience.

Em Português

Esse espaço para a comunidade Brasileira (dentro e fora do Brasil). Aqui você vai encontrar informações sobre a Vivência Healing Yoga 100% online, assim como free Meditações e práticas de Healing Yoga. Seja bem vindo!

Liana Linhares

Liana has been involved with Yoga and Meditation since 1999. Since then, she has touched many people's hearts. She's got a different approach to Yoga; she uses her teachings as a tool for self-healing through her knowledge and experience about Chakras. Her classes are an invitation for deep inner journey so you can come back home.She has a unique way of linking her knowledge of the chakras with emotions and the practice of yoga itself, making her classes a unique & transformative experience!

What people say?

Being Liana’s student was extremely important for my personal development process. It was on that journey with Liana that I understood better what was happening to me and it was when I started to reconnect with my personal power and everything started to change. For that, I would like to thank Liana once again, for everything, because it was also the beginning of a great partnership and friendship. Thank you so much for being there for us. I highly recommend Healing Yoga classes and her work that she does with love and awareness.

Camilla Dias

Healing Yoga brought fluidity back into my life. Connection with my body and internal needs.. From this connection with my sacred temple I was able to perceive, value and manifest my internal strength, with purpose and essence. But I was also able to see my limitations, accept them in a better way, honour them and always work in a respectful and kind way. Healing Yoga came into my life to reconnect even more with my essence and this is why I see today Liana’s teachings goes beyond a Yoga class, it is healing practice where we can dive and reconnect to our purest essence.

Samara Costa

Healing Yoga course helped my self-knowledge, to know better my emotions. The guided meditation during the classes is essential to reprogram our mindsets, breathing exercises make yoga practice more accessible, at the end of the class the exchange of experiences and it is very nourishing for all of us. Liana always asks for some home care for the week that strengthens our balance with health and well-being.

Aline Britto

My first contact with Healing Yoga was through Instagram. Chakras have always fascinated me and when the course was launched, I thought it would be perfect to reconnect with the Yoga that was dormant in me. I thought the course would give me a support to start over professionally as a Yoga Teacher. But in the very first class I realized that it was to reconnect with myself and my life! Through the classes I was able to experience my healing process and reflect on a series of beliefs and patterns of thinking that I have always had. Liana, thank you for transforming my life, thank you for being able to make me look inward and seek the strength that exists within me.

Livia Freitas

What kind of yoga is it?

"In Healing Yoga, we work each of the Chakras (one per week) where I bring elements from all that I have learned over the years to promote a meaningful and deeper experience."

Why Yoga with Liana?

“You have little control over the world around you, but full control over the world within you.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo
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Rose Mandala

Group Sessions

Yoga + Tea + Community

Small group of 7 people every Saturday 9:30 to 11am in Narrabeen NSW. 

Includes Yoga, Tea and mingling.

Orange Mandala

Private/Semi-Private Sessions

It can be done in person or online for one person, two or maximum of 3 people.
These classes are tailored to help the student to reach their goals, still following the 7-week Chakra program

Green Mandala

Healing Yoga Mentoring

It is an individual therapeutic process where we consider the seven main energy centres as a guide to show the student where they need to investigate, work on, and heal. This in an intuitive process where Liana uses some of her techniques’ portfolio including: meditation, visualization, wheel of life, theta healing, talking and writing. This is for everyone who wants to unleash their full potential, or perhaps has a particular issue that needs to be addressed.

Healing Yoga Plans

Yoga + Tea + Community

$ 33
  • Max 7 students
  • 4-class pack $108
  • Saturdays 9:30am
  • Narrabeen NSW

Private/Semi-Private Sessions

$ 70
  • Max 3 students
  • One Student: 7-class discount $420
  • Two Students:7-class discount $280pp
  • Three Students: 7-class discount $234pp

Mentoring Sessions

$ 100
  • Individual sessions
  • 8-session pack $640


Resetting Ritual

Join Paula Sarcinella - Transpersonal Counseling and Life Coaching for Health & Balance & Liana Linhares - Yoga & Meditation Teacher - in this beautiful Ritual where you'll be guided to release and let go of 2020 with a grateful heart to be able to welcome the new year ahead feeling renewed, clean and free! Expect to experience some: Energy Healing, Yoga (Pranyama - conscious breathing, Kriyas - cleansing techniques, Asana - postures to open space in the physical body, Meditation and Relaxation) Date: 05/12 Saturday Time: 5pm to 7:30pm (subject of change) Location: To Be Announced (Northern Beaches) Please bring Yoga Mat, Bottle of Water, a Blanket.

Self Love Day

Self Love Day is a day to retreat from your busy life to nurture and connect with yourSELF. It is a day to gather with other women to empower each other creating skills that you can integrate in your daily life. It is a safe and loving space where you will learn through a series of workshops and discussions. Let's get together to empower our sisterhood community. Come and join Liana and Tati on this relaxing and nurturing day, our third edition of Self Love Day we are going to explore topics of SEXUALITY. Our sexuality is one of the most important pillars to the path of Self Love. To be sexually healthy means to have personal self-acceptance and awareness of sexual desires and interests. We wish to encouraged you to develop a healthy relationship with self. Making changes around self-love can change how you experience sex and lead to better sexual awareness. We are going to bring together different skills to awaken our sense of creativity, fluidity, intuition, desire, joy and passion!

Awakening Shakti Retreats

{empower your feminine sacredness} This is a full weekend retreat (all meals, accommodation and activities provided), to allow women to return to their power, confidence, beauty and self-love. With the feelings of Spring in the air and entering Libra ♎️ season, our September Awakening Shakti Retreat is happening 24 - 26 of September 2021 (last of this year!). Immersed in a magical place surrounded by Nature, you will join a supportive group of like-minded women, a real sisterhood. You will be guided to (re)connect, love and honor the sacredness of your entire being. PRACTICES: 🌹 Cleanse, release & strengthen your body with Shakti Yoga 🌹 Sacred Breathwork Techniques 🌹 Hindu Deities / Goddesses explanation with Tantra Shaivism view 🌹 Uncover your layers with Sacred Rituals 🌹 Freeing your feminine sensual self dancing around the fire 🌹 Liberating your fears and warming your soul with Fire Ceremony 🌹 Connecting with Mother Natures Elements and Swimming in Sacred Waters 🌹 Womb Cleansing and Vaginal Herbal Steaming** 🌹 Sacred Cacao Ceremony 🌹 Sisterhood and love ❤️ **This is a very gentle, sacred and healing practice that you will do with a sarong or long skirt without exposing yourself. MEALS: All Full Vegan Meals provided 🥑🍇🍠🥒 DATES & LOCATION: ✨24, 25 and 26 of September 2021 ✨At Rainbows Reach - Wyee - Olney State Forest - 1.5h from Sydney *REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN ON 21/6/21* VALUE: **Shared accomodation ❤️ - Early bird (until 30/7): $691 **Only 10 spaces available OR - Payment Plan: 3x $260 • 1st instalment : 15/7 to secure your space • 2nd instalment : 12/8 • 3rd instalment : 09/9 FACILITATORS: - Yoga & Tantric Teachings : Liana Linhares - IG @lianalinhares - Healing Practices: Paula Sarcinella - IG @paula_sacred_living ORGANISEd by: Marielly Giuliani - IG @ellyvateretreats FOOD by: Ayse Moonen - IG @veganprojects ✨Bookings at: (AVAILABLE 21st JUNE)


My purpose in life is to help people awaken their life force energy and live a life full of potential. If you have any questions please send me a message and I will happily answer!