Autumn: time to energise and cleanse yourself

The autumn season is associated with opening the heart, bring more energy to your body and cleanse yourself.

The air is coller, so more energising movements feel better as backbends. Try on your daily practice asanas such as trikonasanas (with the feet 5 palms width apart)┬ábend your torso to the side, feel the opening of your upper body. Try other variations of trikonasanas (bendind the knee, bending the torso forward and backwards,…).

As the days get shorter, inspirational ideas can support us.  To encourage it: sit comfortably and stand still, close your eyes and just watch the flow of your thoughts. Do not stick to any of them, just let them come and go away. Let your mind stays calm and focus on one symbol or object e concentrate on it for how long you feel you can keep your mind totally focused on it.

A cleanse can give your body a short break from the effort it expends digesting heavy food, try increase the intake of raw food as fruits, vegetables, nuts, ginger, drink a lot of water (at least 2- 3 litres a day) fresh fruit juices and tea without cafeine. To get more information about detox and cleanse please visit Julia’s website. To help your “cleanse period” add some twists positions in your Yoga class, they detoxify the body and help with tension relief.Healthy Yogi diet

Have a good Autumn : )

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