Summer Time!

Enjoy the hottest season to go to the beach and practice some Yoga with your friends and family! There is a few asanas (Yoga physical positions) you can do on the beach, but just be careful and avoid the time between 10am to 4pm, sometimes even these times are too hot.

The best time is early in the morning, start with a Sun Salutation Рwhen the sun rises. This sequence will awake all your body, stretching the muscles of your legs, torso and arms.  It is an excellent way to warm up before you go surf or for a swim.

Try to do some Pranayama in the shade. Pranayama means use your breathing to bring energy inside you, specially when you are in the middle of so much energy as at the beach.

Invite a friend to do some asanas with you, it is fun! You can do balance techniques, stretch, bend forward, trikonasanas, there is a infinity positions you can do with your friend or partner. Below are two exemplos, but use your creativity and safety and enjoy the season!

 If you need some help with any subject, do not hesitate to email me!

 Do what makes you happy, with kindness and love!Yoga at the beachYoga at the beach heart

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