Yoga during pregnancy!

I have been teaching Yoga for the last 8 years and sometimes I have a pleasent presence of a pregnant woman. For me every pregnant woman is so beautiful that makes the class more special!
When I was teaching in Brazil my freind Anaia was doing Yoga classes with me during her pregnancy. That made me study and read more about how Yoga,¬†it’s positions, pranayamas, meditations and¬†relaxations influences the mother-to-be and of course the¬†baby.
There are so many positives things happening when you practise Yoga. All energy you create with pranayama (breathing techniques) goes to your baby. It is so incredible!

But also it has a lot of benefits for the mums! Generally, pregnant mums who practise Yoga appear healthier, both in mind and body. Their bodies are more flexible, which enables them to adapt to various positions when in labour and the ligaments are more elastic, which can help to reduce labour pain. Yoga classes help to boost circulation and also help with fluid retention. Posture is also improved by asanas (physical positions) helping ease back problems.

When doing yoganidra (relax) all your body is conected and you can feel more the little one inside you, this improves your body awareness.
Samyama (meditation) makes your mind calm, free and happy!

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3 Responses to Yoga during pregnancy!

  1. Very nice Liana. Cant wait for my yoga class for pregnancy tomorrow!!

  2. Thank you I have read your blog and it is very useful. Looking forward your next blog

  3. Yes you are right; yoga is very beneficial during pregnancy. Make sure to avoid twisting, inversions, pranayama, any abdominal strengthening pose and lying on your belly. Please make sure that your yoga instructor or trainer has full knowledge about prenatal yoga poses.

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