About Swasthya Method

SwáSthya Yôga, the DeRose Method, is the name given to the systematization, by Master DeRose, of Preclassical Ancient Yoga, based on Dakshinacharatántrika-Niríshwarasámkhya (Tantra-Sámkhya) lineage. DeRose is a renown ancient Indian philosophy scholar and author. The systematization is getting recognized around the world, mainly in Latin America and Europe. SwáSthya Yôga is also known as the DeRose Method ("Método DeRose" in Spanish and Portuguese), or "Méthode De Rose" in French, etc.)

About Liana

Liana Linhares has been practicing Yoga since 1999. In 2002 she graduated as a yoga teacher at the University of Yoga in south of Brazil. Since then she has been teaching classes of Swasthya Yoga at the Federation of Yoga in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Her technical excellence has been ensured throughout the years by attending to many courses lectured by specialists in Yoga from Brazil, Argentina and European countries.

During the course of her career as a Yoga teacher, Liana has experienced teaching the art of yoga to all different levels of students, from beginners through to advanced students. In 2006 she introduced the philosophy of Yoga to businesses through the project she called "Yoga in your Company", also known as "Corporate Yoga", where she works alongside employees helping them to develop and improve the quality of their lives within the working environment.

Living in Australia since August 2008 Liana has started, just over a year ago, giving private Swasthya Yoga lessons to a number of students. Always with the desire of perfecting her Yoga method in mind, combined with her bubbly and caring personality, makes of her a loved teacher to learn from.

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Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. (Jason Crandell)

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. (Jason Crandell)